Getting ahead of the competition is only the first hurdle for any successful start-up. As entrepreneurs all quickly find out, staying ahead is what really ends up mattering most. Hot Started is here to help, but don't just take our word for it:

The Power of Words

“Finding start-up specific news that is actually worth the time it takes to read it has always been a challenge. Hot Started isn’t just a way to see what’s happening… it’s a way to see what is going to happen.”
Roger Dawson, Intellidict
“So much of today’s tech news is pure rumor or copied from another source. Hot Started has a dossier full of interesting and informative facts for me every month when it arrives. It’s about the only News I look forward to anymore.”
Roger Samuels, RazyBoyz
“Coming online after already developing an organic product offline for sale through traditional channels brings its own challenges. Too many techy mag sites think brick-and-mortar is a bad word. That’s where Hot Started really shines. A truly agnostic approach to discovering what works and why, without bogging down.”
Sheri S., SeedZona

What Others Are Saying:

“The Hot Started Dossier does a great job giving investors and entrepreneurs a sense of the scale the start-up community provides. Stepping back from the keyhole to see the whole field is so important.”
Ron Halliday, Tinkerwell
Having information the rest of the people at the office haven’t heard about yet is key to demonstrating value every day – and Hot Started makes that a whole lot easier.
Christian R., CyberSeeker
Most people still haven’t caught on to the way tech is changing the real estate sales landscape. Hot Started is all over it and they understand where things are headed.
Kristen O'Brien, Real Estate

Does The Hot Started Dossier Actually Do Anything?

I knew I had a solid idea, and I had a vague understanding of how to move it forward but the Dossier is what really lit up the runway for me. Especially the ability to correspond with the experts and ask questions. I highly recommend it!
Erik Siever, FreemiYum
It’s strange and exciting to find a tech based magazine that takes the kind of approach you’d expect from a construction trade magazine. Lots of facts without the typical hyperbole. Great to see and wish others would follow the Hot Started example!
Joe Rios, Skrew Its

Hot Started Dossier Features

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