Jude Hudson CanadaHot Started readers are fully invested in entrepreneurship and work diligently to achieve success in their respective fields of expertise. Articles and interviews here are aimed at informing and educating people who are looking for competitive advantages on the road to success. Now we are expanding our own editorial point of view to include a corollary question: Once you achieve some measure of success, what is the best way to put that value to use?

We recently chatted with Jude Hudson of JudeHuson.org, and discussed his heartfelt belief that philanthropy is a crucial element of true entrepreneurial success:

Hot Started: Thanks very much for taking the time to chat with us about your keys to living a successful entrepreneurial life.

Jude Hudson: My pleasure. I really enjoy reading the site and the newsletter, happy to be part of the community.

Hot Started: Growing up in Toronto Canada, how did Jude Hudson end up becoming an Internet entrepreneur?

Jude Hudson: It’s a long winding road, finding out what one is meant to do in life. I always had an interest in information and people. Once I discovered the speed and convenience digital communication affords people, it was a pretty quick move for me to make. I was helping companies reach wider audiences and assisting consumers with finding the kinds of products or services they want the most. The fact that the entire engagement is win/win for everyone was definitely a strong motivating factor. And yeah, being Canadian it’s part of our ethos to be helpful eh? lol

Hot Started: Now that you have your own charitable organization at JudeHudson, what advice can you share with others interested in following in your footsteps?

Jude Hudson: First, I’d recommend people avoid following in anyone’s footsteps… ever. Make your own footsteps, it’s ok if you walk in a less than optimal direction for a while, that meandering will help you learn who you are and discover what your next steps should be. My organization isn’t an official charity, or anything of that sort. I found that for me personally, it was too many hoops to jump through to become an official charity. Instead what I decided to do is invest in worthy causes. I put my time and my money into action by helping others succeed commercially, so doing something similar on the philanthropic side of life comes naturally. For me, the success of these worthy causes gives greater meaning to the success I have commercially because it’s clear in my mind, that my hard work is enabling the hard work of others to reach even more people for the betterment of all.

Hot Started: That sounds a lot like an entrepreneurial approach to giving?

Jude Hudson: That’s actually a very astute way of putting it. I think too many organizations are run without the spirit that makes entrepreneurial ventures successful. Adding those tools back into the toolbox is a sensible way to move forward. I mean, if you can grind out a paycheck, grind your way into building a company, keep grinding to cover payroll and expand your operations… you can definitely grind out a cure for cancer eventually, or grind your way toward building a new playground for the kids who visit local parks near you in Toronto Canada right? It’s all about the grind. Just look at what a guy like Jerry Lewis accomplished in his lifetime… his world class comedic success isn’t even half of the whole story. His philanthropy is what gave his life meaning.

Hot Started: Thanks for sharing a few minutes of your time with us. We understand how busy you are… and we wanted to let you know that your efforts in business, and with worthy causes are appreciated more than you may know.

Jude Hudson: Thanks for doing all you do at Hot Started. It’s helped me a bunch, and I expect it helps many others as well. That’s the real definition of success!