Jerome Montigny

Jerome Montigny

Business strategy is the most important component for any new start-up, influencer or brand developer because when you first begin the process of building a brand all you have to work with is the strategy and vision you set out for yourself. The resources that you acquire, from investors and clients, are directly proportional to the quality of your starting strategy. For that reason, many entrepreneurs seek out advice from publications like Hot Started, or make a wise investment in obtaining the services of experienced experts whose past successes can quickly be leveraged to jump start your newest ventures.

HotStarted: Today we are pleased to be able to present our audience with an insightful interview of entrepreneurial expert and highly valued business strategist Jerome Montigny! Thank you for taking time from your schedule to chat with Hot Started Mr. Montigny, we appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with us.


Mr. Montigny: It’s a pleasure to be with you. Chatting about key business topics is what I do best, and sharing what I have learned will hopefully provide value for your subscribers as well.

HotStarted: Life coaches, business coaches and a variety of experts ask us how to grow their clientele. What advice would you give them?

Jerome Montigny: I would start by saying, just like with any other business endeavor; the question needs to be narrowed down to an actionable set of milestones.

When a business owner of any kind asks how to grow their business, the first step is always to determine what kind of growth they are seeking and what channels are available to them as they make efforts to spur their growth.

As an example, a business might buy web traffic, which can cause a major burst in notoriety and may result in a momentary uptick in sales – but the longevity of that rise will always be far shorter than a more organic approach targeting search traffic, social media and self-directed traffic like the many people who subscribe here to Hot Started.

A newer brand, which is what any neophyte coach can be considered, will get far more out of burst PR than a more established brand… and anyone seeking to build something truly worth their while will eventually come to the conclusion that the best growth is multi-faceted. Targeted several kinds of audiences and connecting with each on their own terms.

HotStarted: If Coaches can be considered brands from a marketing point of view, what makes the coaching profession different from other business verticals?

Mr. Montigny: In the purest form, coaches and advisors are experts in their field. They can’t simply be swapped in and out for one another the way a middle manager at a huge corporation might be, because their talents, personalities and experiences are unique to themselves.

It’s vitally important that the coach and the client connect completely. When you are seeking a programmer, you need one that codes in a certain language. If you want to hire a designer, you need one that has an aesthetic that matches the tone you are trying to set – but when you hire a business strategist or an influencer who will be contextually attached to your brand, having a coherent plan in place and a methodical way of measuring the progress you make toward each goal is essential.

I work with influencers and advisors in many different fields, from Blockchain & ICO to Luxury Services, Real Estate and Online Information Products. Those forms of commerce vary quite a bit, but the relationship between an influencer and a client or an advisor and their client always maintains the same core principles. As an advisor to influencers and strategists, my main focus is enhancing and focusing on those core principles because they are the underpinnings of all successful cooperation.

HotStarted: Can you illuminate some examples of those core principles you mentioned?

Jerome Montigny: Yes, of course. Key elements like Trust, Empathy, level of certainty, and Intuition are all important. As are many others. When you list out a set of core principles, it sounds obvious that they would each be included because seeing what is needed isn’t really the challenge. The challenge comes in finding the best, most efficient and most effective ways to actualize those items.

As the simplest example, it’s easy to say a client needs to be able to Trust an influencer, and an Influencer needs to be able to Trust the client. Likewise, the consumers need to identify with the brand enough to Trust it, and that Trust needs to be protected against the many forces that would seek to erode it. All of that sounds reasonable, but the challenge is in finding precisely the means to generate Trust, establish loyalty and secure it even in markets where others may have already tried but failed.

Look at Blockchain and you will find the perception (right or wrong) that many brands in that space are “fly by night” short term thinkers who may not deserve much trust. Developing Blockchain companies, go to market strategies and navigating the Influencer path to build brands from the inception of start-up to the moment when they are generally accepted by a wide and varied clientele is precisely what I help my clients do, and it is what sets us apart from so many others who have the vision or the drive, but lack the insight to keep everything moving forward effectively.

HotStarted: Where can HotStarted subscribers learn more about the work you are doing?

Mr. Montigny: Until recently my own public persona was intentionally kept very low-key. As someone who works with so many influencers, one concern I had was the misperception that I would somehow outshine their accomplishments if I allowed my own work to become more public. However, after speaking with my clients I was surprised to see the unanimous support they all offered for the idea that I should be simultaneously be building my own brand alongside theirs as well.

There is an important lesson in that, having open clear dialogues with each of your clients is the only real way to maintain an understanding of their boundaries and goals. Building a portfolio of brands that function more as a team collectively than as a set of individual elements is truly gratifying and because of their input I have been allowing myself to accept more interview requests like this one recently.

You can access my main website any time via to see the basics of what I am working on, and you can also view my social media channels, along with recent interviews I have done for a variety of quality publications like HotStarted by Googling my name any time.

I do appreciate your interest in helping your readers build the next generation of successful start-ups, and I appreciate their efforts to learn more as they begin to earn more. If I can be of service, I am always interested in discussing new ideas and go to market strategies with aspiring entrepreneurs. I look forward to hearing from you, and if it makes sense, working with you to attain even more lofty goals together.