Hosted VOIPHostedVOIP is the primary name in our sector already because we own the .com derivation of the term IT professionals use to describe all Hosted VOIP products and services. However, getting the most out of our domain branding has required us to engage a number of other marketing cues that have already had a profound impact on our start-up success. One of the most impactful moves we made is also among the simplest and most cost effective: the simple act of color coding our entire company.

Take the pink of the national breast cancer awareness campaign as a good example and keep in mind how much the NFL was able to amplify the entire cause simply by having players use uniform accessories with that now iconic color. Sports teams have marketing uniform colors for decades and business entities are finally catching on. Look at a company like T-Mobile and what colors come to mind? Black and pink undoubtedly. Verizon? Red, black and white. Even twitter has an iconic blue tweet logo that wouldn’t ‘look right’ if they suddenly started marketing a yellow version.

HostedVOIP carefully considered the full spectrum of colors on the palette before picking the orange we use. It’s hexidecimal code #eb6123 and it gets incorporated into every logo, business card, website, banner, truck and t-shirt we create as part of our company branding. If you haven’t take the time to choose your own specifically identifiable company colors you are missing out on an enormous opportunity to visually engage your potential clients in a silent and instinctual way that yields real world results.

Choosing a color is not a decision to take lightly or one to base on personal tastes. Some sectors already have a well-established meaning for certain colors, environmental firms all tend to use earth tones for that reason. Jewelry businesses lean toward the elegance of black and white with a sprinkling of anything that sparkles. When we were choosing our own defining colors we took a look at established brands in telephony and noticed several disruptive entities like Vonage breaking through the wall of traditional phone service providers. We also saw that technician handsets were typically orange and many of the IT people who test marketed to were quick to adopt orange versions of our literature over versions that were printed in a range of colors but were otherwise identical to each other.

Now that #eb6123 hue of orange is already as much a part of our branding as our logo or the domain name itself, and your new venture can easily gain a visual foothold in the marketplace by following a similar approach and backing it up with the persistent marketing efforts necessary for the company colors of your choice to grow roots.