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Jerome Montigny Explains: The Value of Coaching The Best Coaches

By |November 2019|

Business strategy is the most important component for any new start-up, influencer or brand developer because when you first begin the process of building a brand all you have to work with is the strategy and vision you set out for yourself. The resources that you acquire, from investors and clients, are directly proportional to

Jude Hudson Toronto Canada Philanthropy

By |August 2017|

Hot Started readers are fully invested in entrepreneurship and work diligently to achieve success in their respective fields of expertise. Articles and interviews here are aimed at informing and educating people who are looking for competitive advantages on the road to success. Now we are expanding our own editorial point of view to include a corollary

Lauren MacEwen of SM Cubed Consulting

By |December 2014|

Social Media Strategist Lauren MacEwen has built brands from the bottom up with grass roots campaigns and explains why it works so much better than top down advertising for most start-ups.