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Shark Tank Gears Up for Season 10

By |October 2018|

Shark Tank is a show followed by venture capitalists, consumers and hopefuls with a new business idea.

Can Remote Employees Make Your Business Better?

By |September 2018|

Working from home is nice, but what if your whole business was based on a work from home model? One business, InVision, decided to make their entire workforce remote when facing down the thought of starting up an office location in Manhattan.

Ken Hutto Tax and Financial Planning

By |September 2018|

Kenneth Hutto is a successful tax attorney and CPA from Lakeland, Florida. While his practice is focused on the Florida area, he gives this simple tax preparation information to anyone with a start-up to make sure your business is ready the right way from the start. Here are some simple tips for start-ups that can save you a lot of headaches in the future and set your path to success as the shortest runway necessary.

Jude Hudson Toronto Canada Philanthropy

By |August 2017|

Hot Started readers are fully invested in entrepreneurship and work diligently to achieve success in their respective fields of expertise. Articles and interviews here are aimed at informing and educating people who are looking for competitive advantages on the road to success. Now we are expanding our own editorial point of view to include a corollary

Shawn Boday on Real Estate For Digital Entrepreneurs

By |June 2016|

"The simple fact is, the need for quality space in the pacific northwest is accelerating on a Per Day basis, and our mission is to get ahead of that curve, to be able to offer the sort of real estate solutions that the region requires, as it assimilates so many new entrants while maintaining the same character and charm of the area that local residents have always enjoyed."

Greg Alves – Seed Money & Startup Needs

By |May 2015|

Seed money is great, but it isn't all you need to succeed with your new venture according to Greg Alves. See what else you should be working toward with this insightful interview from a tech industry insider.

Lauren MacEwen of SM Cubed Consulting

By |December 2014|

Social Media Strategist Lauren MacEwen has built brands from the bottom up with grass roots campaigns and explains why it works so much better than top down advertising for most start-ups.

Kristen Karanikolas of K2 Dynamics

By |December 2014|

Kristen Karanikolas of K2 Dynamics gives Hot Started readers plenty of creative fuel to brainstorm event ideas and earn a better understanding of the need for live engagement in person at the earliest stages of development.

Clement Picquet on Freemium’s Future

By |December 2014|

Clement Picquet discusses Freemium's Future as he and several other executives build on the initial wave of free service offered online to turn what most people consider premium products into a free for all many can enjoy but few can monetize successfully.

Hosted VOIP on Color Coding Your Company

By |December 2014|

Getting the most out of ther premium domain branding has required to engage a number of other marketing cues that have already had a profound impact on their start-up success and they are discussing the value of color coding their company in this month's Hot Started Dossier.