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Hot Started gets a large number of article submissions each month. Many of our pieces are prearranged with a carefully vetted group of quality contributors, but we do on occasion get an unsolicited piece that is simply too good to pass up. If you are interested in participating please send your drafts to us and be sure they meet the following criteria:
  • Properly Edited With Fully Sourced Attributions
  • Include Your Credentials As An Expert
  • Note Your Best Contact Times and Methods For Follow-up

From The Editor’s Desk

After more than a decade of providing Marketing services, Search Engine Optimization techniques, Publicity strategies and many forms of Sales Funnel expertise to business owners I came to realize that I had inadvertently assembled an amazing client list of industry insiders and successful entrepreneurs. Frequently I found myself discussing a variety of important topics privately that many other start-up owners could benefit from if they had access to the information.

That’s when the concept of started to take shape, and with the permission of several luminaries from entirely different sectors, the first Dossier was created and the contributions that came in from people were amazing. Now, we are routinely receiving unsolicited articles from an ever expanding network of quality people with proven credentials and the editorial process of vetting information or presenting it in its most useful light has become as much about deciding which great article doesn’t quite make the cut as it has about anything else.

I am fortunate to have access to so many worthwhile contributors and would like to thank the subscribers who make this periodical possible. It started out as a passion more than a commercial enterprise (as most good businesses do) and has grown beyond all of my expectations to become something truly inspiring to those who write it or read it, as well as the team here who edit Hot Started every month with a sparkle in our eyes.

- Stewart Klein

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